Our Plant
Chocolate-Makers from Salzburg

Tailor-made Sweets

At the Grödig location just outside the Mozart city of Salzburg, many different sweets have been produced over the course of time, from candies to chocolate bunnies, from ladyfinger cookies to salty snacks. Over the last decades, we have specialised in the core business – namely pralines, chocolate bars, wafers, coated snacks, and products for bulk purchasers, such as couvertures, fondants and the like.
Here we strike the right balance between industrial production and handwork, so that we can offer top quality products at the best price for the customer.
We continually introduce new, innovative products onto the market and develop them to suit customers' wishes.


Which coated speciality would you like?
Hazelnuts, almonds, raisins, banana chips, cornflakes or pumpkin seeds, coated with milk chocolate or dark or white chocolate? Should the surface be nice and glossy or matte? Or have the Christmassy scent of sugar-dusted almonds? Or would you rather have a crisp centre, as our two-colour coated Pardos snacks have? In cappuccino or tiramisu, dusted with cocoa powder? Chocolate buttons with a tender sugar coating are no problem for us either.
Our coating masters are experienced experts. If you have very particular wishes – talk to us, (almost) everything is possible.


The production of pralines has a long tradition with us. And so we are proud to produce – exclusively for Mondelez – the Genuine Salzburg Mozartkugel from Mirabell. This famous Salzburg speciality is known far beyond Austria's borders.
We also offer a large number of confisérie specialities in our own product assortment under the brand names Salzburg Schokolade, Salzburg Confiserie and Maria Theresia.


With our candy bar production facilities we can produce with two technologies: the extrusion method or the so-called carpet technology. Various forms, formats and recipes are possible.
The iconic Austrian Bobby bar or the traditional coconut rolls are examples from our current production programme.


Not all wafers are alike. There are wafers with deep ridges, which make the products look larger. There are wafers that are very compact and sometimes brittle and hard. Here at Salzburg Schokolade we are of the opinion that wafers should be delicate and crisp, and certainly not too thick. This is the only way to achieve a pleasant, delicate crunch effect, which still letzs the product melt in your mouth. The fine cream fillings make them into a crsip, full-flavoured taste sensation.


Especially for professionals such as confectioners, bakers or restaurateurs we produce customised products such as couvertures, nougat or creams.
The chocolate mixtures are adapted to the customers' needs, and nothing is left to chance – because here the quality has to be perfectly right! Tempering the chocolate is the main factor in ensuring its gloss and a firm break.  
After the chocolate masses have been made and processed further, they are either poured into bar or drop form, and are then ready for packaging and use.