Pure Snacking for the Whole Family

Salzburg Schokolade

The best of sweet treats are available all over Austria and beyond the borders under the brand name of Salzburg Schokolade. They are produced in Grödig, just outside the Mozart city of Salzburg, from the finest ingredients and according to traditional methods. Popular classics are the coconut rolls for nostalgic types, the iconic chocolate bar Bobby, the thin crispy wafers, or our fine chocolate-coated snack mix for those with a real sweet tooth

Maria Theresia

An imperial treat

Maria Theresia was not only Austria's monarch and beloved mother of the people, but as empress, one of the most influential Austrian women of the past centuries.  Her portrait therefore adorns numerous buildings and paintings, not to mention coins. With the Maria Theresia Taler (chocolate coin), Salzburg Schokolade has created a chocolate monument to her, reminding one of the famous coin with the empress's likeness. Only the finest filled Confisérie specialities with a luscious nougat filling go into the gift packages from Salzburg Schokolade - truly an imperial treat!

Salzburg Confisérie

Piece for piece a little work of art

In 2016, Salzburg Schokolade created a series of sweet specialities under the Salzburg Confisérie brand, in honour of Salzburg's 200th anniversary as a part of Austria. The company's history extends back to the 19th century, which is why Salzburg Confisérie art is still maintained today.

Exquisite chocolate specialities, beautifully packaged

Each of the Confisérie specialities weighs 20 g and is 50 mm in size. Each gift package contains six pieces showing six different views of the famous Mozart city, Salzburg. Four exquisite flavours provide culinary variety: Nougat Cream & Crisp, Apricot Marzipan & Cocoa, Dark Orange, and Cappuccino. For an extra-special gift, there are also two large mixed packages available, one with 12 and one with 18 pieces.


The iconic chocolate bar from Austria

The Bobby chocolate bar takes its name from the Count Bobby figure - a likeable comic figure from the turn of the century and end of the Habsburg monarchy. Count Bobby jokes were based on Bobby's dimness and naivety and that of his ludicrous friends Count Rudi, Baron Mucki and Count Poldi. They were popular in the 50s and were decisive in the choice of a name for the chocolate bar. It was first produced in 1967 by the Bensdorp company in Vienna, then by Unilever and Suchard, and finally came to Grödig and Salzburg Schokolade. Here it was reissued, and ever since then it has been a fixed part of the product range.

Popular varieties

The most popular varieties are caramel and banana, though new varieties are always being developed and swapped in. Currently the third variety in the assortment is chocolate, but strawberry, peanut and rum-coconut have also been offered.
Visit Count Bobby's website. Here the fun with Count Bobby lives on. After all, Bobby is the snack with a laugh!